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Funding Areas 

The Tauro Foundation is guided in its work by the United Nation’s world Sustainable Development Goals 1, 2, 4 and 8.

The foundation is active in the Mekong Region of Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar, as well as in Bangladesh, supporting projects in the following two areas: 

Education as a way out of poverty:

  • High-quality school education for girls and boys, including preschool age, that leads to useful and effective learning results.

  • School infrastructure, teacher education, learning materials as well as extended support, such as meals, clean water and healthcare within the school environment.  

  • Training opportunities for young people that pave the way to economic prospects, e.g. vocational training or tertiary level education. 

Secure income for an independent future:

  • Promotion of entrepreneurial initiatives and sustainable economic development.  

  • Development of innovative approaches and technologies to support small entrepreneurs and small farmers with producing, marketing, storing and managing their products and services.

  • Strengthening of civil society initiatives. ​

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