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Projects and Partnerships

The Tauro Foundation supports sustainable projects with a proven impact. The goal is to empower people to live a self-reliant life and to create their own future.

The work of the Tauro Foundation is aimed at 

  • creating sustainable prospects for a self-determined future for children and young people and

  • strengthening the professional skills of people from poverty-affected regions and countries, enabling them to generate their own income. 

In 2024, the Tauro Foundation entered three-year funding partnerships with selected organisations dedicated to solving a focused problem and pursuing a holistic approach. The aim is to offer these partners more planning certainty and to achieve greater impact. 

The following is a selection of projects supported by the Tauro Foundation in recent years:  


Primary schools in rural areas across Cambodia are supplied with clean and safe drinking water through self-sustaining water kiosks operated by small local entrepreneurs   This has proven to reduce school absenteeism by up to 75%. By the end of 2027, close to 1,000 primary schools and 450,000 schoolchildren will benefit from clean and safe drinking water.  

The Tauro Foundation supports 35 village schools in the Bandarban Hill District in southeast Bangladesh, giving 1,400 children access to primary school education. The project strengthens school infrastructure, provides scholastic materials and trains teachers from ethnic minorities. The wider community benefits from medical services and small entrepreneurial projects, such as rice banks. 

Every year, Kanthari trains between twenty and thirty people from marginalised groups and minorities tobecome social leaders. In a twelve-month course they acquire the knowledge and know-how in project management, self-management and business management that will enable them to start their own social projects and to run them sustainably. The Tauro Foundation funds scholarships and supports selected projects with start-up funding.  

Bildschirmfoto 2024-04-03 um 16.09.38.png

Building on its previous “Skills for Rural Livelihood Development” project, Helvetas started a new labour market orientated vocational skills project in Myanmar in 2022.  Adolescents and young adults are trained for various professions in short, demand-centred study programmes. The educational institutions are paid based on the results achieved.  

On a site that stretches over 150 hectares, Smiling Gecko provides a rural community in northeast Cambodia schooling and opportunities to make a living.  The Tauro Foundation supports the Education Campus of this Swiss aid organisation which will offer future-orientated education, spanning nursery to secondary level, to 1,000 children.  

Smiling Gecko

Although 95% of children in Cambodia attend primary school, just five per cent make it to higher, secondary-level education.  A main reason for this is the low quality of education and poorly trained teachers.  Founded in 2017, TDSO has set the aim of training primary and secondary school teachers across Cambodia in English, IT and didactics.  

Our Project Partners 

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