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Funding Criteria 

Application requirements 

  • Small and medium-sized, professionally recognised organisations and institutions with a charitable purpose

  • Organisations with a clear thematic focus and a proven track record 

  • Viable organisational structures (projects of individuals will not be supported)

  • Transparency in terms of the structures, finances and controlling 

  • Neutrality in regard to faiths and cultures

Requirements for projects 

  • Exclusively projects and endeavours within the funding areas of the foundation’s purpose  

  • Clear and conclusive description of content, goals and beneficiary groups

  • Creation of medium- to long-term prospects for the beneficiary groups  

  • Collaboration in partnership with the local population 

  • Projects with potential to become a role model and/or with scaling potential are particularly welcome 

  • Co-funding of other private or public-sector partners  

  • Transparency and comprehensibility of the budget and regular reporting  

  • Based in emerging and developing countries; please take note of the foundation’s geographical funding foci

The Tauro Foundation values a partnership-based, transparent relationship with the organisations it supports. It provides funding starting from an annual amount of CHF 25,000.


What we do not support:

  • Projects and organisations with a purely commercial purpose  

  • Fundraising on a commission basis 

  • Projects of individuals without any institutional ties to an organisation  

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